Get to Know
a Little About Vaia

About Vaia Talent

Vaia Talent is a boutique research talent firm led by accomplished women with 20+ years of global recruiting and operations experience. We’ve felt the pressure mount when we couldn’t fill requisitions fast enough to keep up with business needs, so we created a better way to achieve faster and smarter hires.

We know how hard it can be to find great talent for your organization, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. That’s why we built Vaia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to discover top talent all over the world. We are a friendly, diverse, and supportive team of professionals that values creativity and strategy in our work.

We care about our clients and employees inside and outside of the workplace.

Our Vision and Values

We are committed to delivering powerful solutions that creatively get ahead of our clients’ needs.

Our values are friendly, diverse, supportive, transparent, excellence, accepting, passion for people—inside and outside of the workplace.

Meet Vaia Talent

Whether your company experiences a spike in hiring needs, a new launch, or unexpected changes to its recruiting team, our experienced sourcing team can be activated quickly to provide you with the “best-list”- a high-volume candidate funnel of candidates most likely to get hired and make an impact.

We have more than 10 years of experience working on some of the largest brands in America. Our recruiting professionals are trained at finding qualified talent that is right for your organization.

Our experienced sourcing team can be activated quickly for any opportunity.

Work at Vaia Talent

Vaia Talent is hires experienced talent seekers with killer instincts, a strong work ethic, and an entrepreneurial spirit that’s never been matched in our industry.

Our company motto is “it’s time we had some fun!” which means we offer more than just competitive pay. Plus we reward hard work.

We hope you’ll come talk with us.

Our Locations

We’re global! Originally based in Chicago, our founder, Angie Verros, has deep roots in Greece but our clients and employees are all over the world. We believe in the idea that fantastic work can happen anywhere (but a sunny rooftop in Athens isn’t bad!)

We have associates in Chicago, New York, Austin, Athens, London, Sydney, and San Francisco. But we’re most comfortable in front of a screen, sourcing the best talent there is.