Role-Based Pricing
Identifying the
Right Price

The people you need to grow

Not All Roles Are Created Equal
So Why Should They Be Priced that Way?

Your company needs lots of different employees to succeed but depending on the proliferation of a certain skill-set or the need for a very senior placement can make a search take longer and more costly.

Hiring Vaia using our role-based pricing model can reduce the time and costs associated with difficult searches, candidate engagement, and candidate assessments.

Our role-based pricing model allows us to provide tremendous value by basing the fee on how much you offer the candidate.

Value unlocked!

What is the ROI
of a Good Recruiter?

Vaia experts have worked as both internal and external talent professionals, so we know how hard it can be to justify outside support. We aim to provide ROI through saving you time, money, and by keeping quality high. Every day your role sits unfilled, you’re losing sleep. We’ll prove our ROI from Day One.

The Vaia Difference

When you work with Vaia, you’ll notice a difference from the very first day. From our comprehensive discovery planning to our transparent weekly updates, we aim to ensure you never lose control of your talent process.

We Learn Your Tech

Well, chances are, we already know it. Our experts are well versed in ATS, Search Engines, Sourcing Methods and more.

Better Together

If you are looking for a true talent partner, look no further. Vaia has your back.

Creating the Team

Need a great team? Vaia can help you source, hire, and train one, working alongside you the whole way.

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The hires you need, when you need them. We’ll jump in and help on the tactical side so you can breathe.

Recruitment As-Needed

Do you need 1, 5, 10 recruiters or sourcers? Do you have seasonal hiring needs? We’re there when you need us.

Flat-Fee Model

Keep your budget and CFO happy with flat fees you can count on. Vaia offers dependable pricing and unmatched quality.


We’re boutique but we can handle enterprise needs. Some of our best clients are household names.

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