No Matter What

A Fixed Price for the Best Candidate

Significant Savings for
Right-Fit Candidates

With flat-fee or fixed-fee pricing, your cost-per-hire gets lower every time we’re successful (and we’re successful a lot!) Once you pay, your bill stays the same, making the accounts payable happy, and you…very savvy.

The flat-fee model is helpful when you have more than one job order, and/or need to fill a lot of roles at one time. This keeps your costs low and consolidates your search.

If you’re not hiring for a business-critical role and have some time to fill the vacancy, flat fees can be very attractive.

Our Process Makes the Difference

We Assess Your Needs

Our experts will perform a needs assessment right over the phone and help you get up and running.

Client Review

Getting on the same page as the hiring manager and any internal talent acquisition is the most important step.

Requirement Gathering

After a discovery meeting and briefing, our team has the information to hit the ground running and tackle your hire.

Always-On Relationship

You can expect a standing weekly meeting to go over your options and our progress. WIth Vaia, you’re never left in the dark.

Flat-Fee Recruitment Decoded

Flat-fee recruitment can seem like a no-brainer. After, all it’s a lower cost than other pricing models, so why would you choose anything else?

What it Implies

Flat-fee recruiting is all about relationships. It makes the most sense to explore this option with a partner you trust, so you can assess their motivation.

The Pros

Flat fees are typically lower than fees based upon a percentage of a candidate’s salary during their first year of employment with the client. Yay savings!

The Cons

Companies may worry they’re not getting the best candidates when recruiters accept a flat fee. At Vaia, you know you’re getting the best no matter what.

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The hires you need, when you need them. We’ll jump in and help on the tactical side so you can breathe.

Recruitment As-Needed

Do you need 1, 5, 10 recruiters or sourcers? Do you have seasonal hiring needs? We’re there when you need us.


We’re boutique but we can handle enterprise needs. Some of our best clients are household names.



Our role-based pricing model allows us to provide tremendous value by basing the fee on how much you offer the candidate.

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