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Sourcing is the first, and most strategic part of ensuring you have the right hires on your team. Ensure your sourcing strategy is at its best with our best-in-class sourcing experts, recruitment as-needed and seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

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Vaia Talent Research Service Offerings

Here with Confidence

Your hiring managers and talent leaders know the role is being placed in front of the very best prospects, increasing fit and retention and reducing time to hire.

Identify Passive and Active Candidates

Spread a wide net with expert sourcing partners who identify talent that is actively looking for a new role and those who might not know it yet.


Having a Vaia sourcing expert work with you is like having an internal team on-demand, whether we support your current team or help you build one out.

Great Talent is Really
Hard to Find

Our sourcers are well-skilled in finding the talent no one else can uncover. More importantly, we find the talent that is 100% right for your team. How? We use:

  • Candidate Research
  • Role and Location Data
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Best-in-Class Techniques
  • Proactive Sourcing Tactics
  • Tightly-Honed Candidate Profiles
  • Point Solutions Designed for Sourcing
  • And more!

Nothing But
Best in Class Techniques

Our team of experts have been sourcing and recruiting talent for some of the most innovative companies all over the world! Every Vaia team member is trained to approach research and intelligence from multiple angles:

  • Boolean Search
  • X-Ray Searching
  • Internal Profile Calibration
  • Messaging & Candidate Experience
  • Sourcing Capacities per Industry
  • Candidate Outreach & Behavioral Trends
  • Response Rates & Insights
  • Repeatable Processes at Scale
  • And more!

Clients Love Vaia

Vaia Sourcing as a Service
Helps Your Whole Team

Talent Acquisition Leaders

Clients review every offering and solution before entering into a clear and transparent agreement.

Hiring Managers

We make it easy for hiring managers to give frequent feedback on prospective candidates.

Founder and Executives

Creating trust when scaling your startup is no easy feat. Vaia makes it simple and effective from Day 1.

Internal Recruiting Team

We’re here to help, not to have an ego battle. Our sourcing experts support your team, not fight with them.

Ready to Stop Searching & Start Finding?

Let us bring world-class techniques, bleeding-edge technology, and vetted data to your sourcing and recruiting function.

Vaia Meets You
Where You Are

We’re a rapidly growing global recruitment partner. We’ve created a network of remote sourcers and recruiters who can work within any framework. Your time zone, your tech, your compliance needs.

Choose How You
Engage with Vaia

Whether you need a one-off sourcing project or ongoing sourcing support, Vaia is ready to tackle your project.

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