Hiring Manager Focus
Increases Fit and Retention

Why Focus on Hiring Managers?

In many cases, hiring managers can make or break the recruitment process, which is why our approach is to center the focus on the hiring manager from the start.

We do thorough reviews, set specific KPIs and continue to source and recruit until we’ve met the parameters of even the toughest hiring manager.

Needs Assessment
Discovery Meetings

At Vaia, we don’t consider our needs assessment done until the hiring manager sings, so to speak.

We continue this process throughout our engagement with your company to ensure total hiring manager/recruiter alignment.

Making a List
Checking it Twice

During the Requirements Gathering Phase of your engagement with Vaia, we get everything from everyone associated with the position, and compare it to our profile from the hiring manager.

If we see a mismatch, we fix, reassess, and hopefully realign.

Always Transparent
Full Visibility

Through our ability to embed directly into your organization, your Vaia experts will ensure your Hiring Manager is always up to speed on the search, standout candidates, interviews, and offers.

We’ll also be sure to notify your team about changes in the market to adjust hiring expectations to avoid stalling the search.

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