Meet Your Hiring Demands with Vaia Recruit

Whether you have a full talent acquisition team or you are trying to build one, let Vaia handle some or all of your recruitment needs.

Vaia Recruit (Full-Lifecycle Recruitment)

Start with Strategy

Vaia Recruit offers a strategic plan to ensure you receive a customized approach.

Make the Right Choice

We create a seamless, on-brand experience and then help you choose the right candidate.

Have Us Handle the Hiring

Made your selection? We’ll extend the offer, make the hire, and even help with onboarding.

We Have the
Recruitment Tools

It’s not possible for every company to invest in the wide array of recruitment tools that exist in the marketplace, nor to train their entire talent acquisition team on how to use them at scale. At Vaia, we have all the latest tools and techniques to ensure you get incredible value from our work.

  • Sourcing Engines
  • AI Platforms
  • Extensive ATS Experience
  • Contact Information Warehouses
  • Candidate Mapping Tools
  • CRM Access and Capabilities
  • Programmatic Advertising Experience
  • Resume and Profile Databases
  • And more!

Bring Elite Talent
Into Your Pipeline

By partnering with you, we become an extension of your existing team, proactively recruiting talent, conducting screening interviews, and bringing qualified candidates into your pipeline. We will then entrust the management of the candidates and the remainder of the interview process to you.

  • Save time and money for that critical startup hire
  • Need external assistance but can’t afford agency fees
  • Source niche talent recruitment as-needed
  • Be proactive about upcoming hiring needs
  • Remove the heavy-lifting of talent mapping, sourcing, engagement, and vetting candidates

The Whole Process is Easier
Than You Think to Integrate

Vaia Present was built on the idea of offering the most direct path to faster and smarter hires. We leverage artificial intelligence and automation backed by real people with expert recruiting experience to build your optimized talent pipeline quickly and effectively across all geographies. We also offer customizable solutions curated to meet the dynamic needs of your business. Vaia Present capabilities:

Market Research

Candidate Outreach

Screening Interview

Prospect Report

Targeted Candidate Research

Candidate Submission

Technical Test

Clients Love Vaia

Vaia Present is Unique

Strong Track Record

Clients review every offering and solution before entering into a clear and transparent MSA.


Vaia Present gives you access to quality candidates without the price-tag of an agency. Bespoke pricing is provided for each project.


From Talent Maps to Competitive Intelligence, our Research Experts help you find the right talent.

Strong Hires Guaranteed

From Talent Maps to Competitive Intelligence, our Research Experts help you find the right talent.

Start Building
Your Pipeline

 Let Vaia Present build your always-on talent engine today.

Vaia Meets You
Where You Are

We’re a rapidly growing global recruitment partner. We’ve created a network of remote sourcers and recruiters who can work within any framework. Your time zone, your tech, your compliance needs.

Choose How You
Engage with Vaia

Our messaging and engagement specialists are ready to work with you on one project or an ongoing basis.

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