TA Function Builds
Build Your Team

The Vaia Approach

Whether you are just beginning to notice you need a Talent Acquisition function or trying to scale into additional teams, Vaia can help.

We take the same approach as we do with any other search, except in this case, not only can we speak the language, we know exactly what top recruiters and sourcers are looking for.

Needs Assessment
Figure Out What's Broken

Every company has its issues and challenges. A needs assessment is the first step in figuring out what your TA Function should look like.

Understand Your
Recruiting Technology Stack

We know how recruiting and sourcing technologies work, inside and out and have extensive knowledge we can leverage to make sure your technology works for the TA team in your future!

Building Processes
A Roadmap for Talent Acquisition

People and software are only two parts of the puzzle. For a really standout talent department, you need solid, repeatable processes that can scale with you and the team once they’re in place.

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