Talent Acquisition Leader
Angie Verros

Talent Expert. Global Keynote Speaker. International Trainer. Sourcer Extraordinaire.

Driving the Vaia Mission

Angie has an impeccable work ethic and a proven track record of success in identifying, recruiting, and hiring outstanding talent and that is at the heart of everything we do.

Design Matters

You can’t implement what you don’t take the time to design properly.

Brand Awareness

Social and Brand awareness are paramount to our sourcing and recruiting work.

Hard Work

We work hard and smart so we can be proud of what we accomplish.

Continuous Improvement

Our goal to never stop learning and always get better. Every single day.


Clear communication is why our process works so well. If we’re not transparent, we can’t help.

Passion for People

We genuinely love people and have a passion for helping them find each other.

Put Us to the Test

Respected by Peers
Focused on Excellence

Angie is a recruiting expert and has been in the business for over 20 years. She started her career as a technical recruiter, but quickly learned that she could make more of an impact by leading sourcing teams.

This meant not only finding people to hire, but also designing processes and training managers on how to find their own talent.

Angie is the person that you want leading your sourcing team- she is sharp, professional, and knows all of the technologies that can help you find the people that you need. She is the person who will put together the right team to get your company the people they need.

Her deep knowledge of how businesses work makes her a trusted advisor for building long-term sustainable relationships with companies seeking talent.