Differentiators Different from the Ground Up

Vaia Talent Differentiators

We purposely built Vaia from the ground up a little differently. Our firm offers something extraordinary.




TA Function

Manager Focus

Agile & Innovative
Boutique Approach

Like your favorite store, Vaia has an approach that is all about centering YOUR needs. Our size allows us to pivot easily, support seamlessly, and create customized solutions the other folks can’t. How may we help you?

Attentive & Thorough
White-Glove Service

Creating delightful experiences is about anticipating the needs and expectations of our clients. We spend lots of time getting to know you so we can hit the ground running and always go above and beyond.

Seamless & Supportive
Tech Agnostic

We know what we’re doing when it comes to all the technology that lives in the sourcing and recruiting ecosystem. Our experts jump in where you need support, with no ramp-up time needed.

Knowledgeable & Experienced
TA Function Builds

It’s hard to build the plane while you’re flying it, so leave the TA function builds to us! We’re happy to create a team that keeps. your talent pipeline full for years to come.

Curious & Thorough
Hiring Manager Focus

If the hiring manager isn’t happy, prepared or engaged, the search can suffer. That’s why we built hiring managers into the center of our process.

Sourcing with a Purpose



Resumes Screened



Candidates Touched



Placements Made

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