Vaia Engage

It’s Sourcing… but With a Twist

Vaia SaaS doesn’t just provide a shortlist of candidates; we provide you with the BEST candidates — the ones most likely to become your next great team member. But maybe you need that extra step to reach out and woo that prospect. Meet Vaia Engage.

Vaia Engage (Sourcing + Engagement)

Build Your Pipeline Quickly

Vaia Candidate Research gets you the pipeline you need to move forward.

Meet the Best of the Best

Vaia Sourcing as a Service offers you the highest quality candidates, aligning those from your research with your internal needs.

Messaging and Engagement

Vaia engagement pros work to make your messaging and engagement tactics work for you, at scale, and super effective.

Stand Out
from the Crowd

Candidate messaging and engagement can be where companies fall short. Why? Because there is a lot of noise out there for top talent to contend with. Vaia cuts through that noise to present your opportunity in the right light.

  • Candidate Process
  • Optimized Channels
  • Competitve Recruitment Marketing Intelligence
  • Unique Voice of Candidate (VoC) Frameworks
  • Employer Branding Techniques
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Creative Advertising Strategies
  • And more!

Candidate Personas

Messaging and engagement is one of the hardest skills to master in the world of recruitment and sourcing. It’s way too easy to just spray and pray. At Vaia, we take the more difficult but way more effective route.

  • Who is the candidate?
  • What motivates them in their careers?
  • What are the indications they’re ready to make a move?
  • What benefits and options will excite them?
  • How can we reach them outside work?
  • Where can we lead them to the right opportunity?

Recruitment Messaging
that Works

Angie Verros, CEO of Vaia, has been training recruiters and sourcers from the world’s most prestigious companies on outreach messaging for over a decade. Her techniques have been used by Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Every Vaia team member is trained in her unique methods to ensure success:

Using automation correctly

Repeatable, intelligent follow-up

Timing & response rate insights

Candidate nurturing & drip campaigns

Exploring non-traditional channels

Creating messaging candidates don’t delete

Historical details typically overlooked

And more!

Clients Love Vaia

Vaia Engage is Built Different

Creative & Fun

At Vaia, we understand candidates are people too. We just figure out what those people want!

Unique & Innovative

With Vaia you can be assured you’re not using the same tired messaging as all the rest.

Trusted & Effective

These techniques have been used in companies big and small, across industries. They simply work.

Scalable & Smart

We leverage artificial intelligence and automation backed by real people with expert recruiting experience to build your messaging and engagement framework.

Ready to Reach Out
and Wow Someone?

Let Vaia Engage transform your sourcing and engagement functions!

Vaia Meets You
Where You Are

We’re a rapidly growing global recruitment partner. We’ve created a network of remote sourcers and recruiters who can work within any framework. Your time zone, your tech, your compliance needs.

Choose How You
Engage with Vaia

Our messaging and engagement specialists are ready to work with you on one project or an ongoing basis.

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